This is a world torn apart by restless ghosts and spirits: Mediums– those who can connect to and talk to the dead–are incredibly valuable and incredibly dangerous. Most medium children are raised their entire lives in a Parafacility to learn how to control their gifts, the dangers of possession, and experimented on learn how to find a way to fight the ghosts.

Soil that Binds Us follows the adventures of a few fugitive teens who can talk to ghosts and their journey to stop the world from becoming completely undone by the undead. 

Soil That Binds Us was born May 30th, of 2017. Updates about 4 or more pages every WEDNESDAY1


Tess Thompson is a 22 year old student living in Baltimore, Maryland, currently attending MICA. You can find their twitter here, their art blog herepersonal blog here, and patreon here.

You can contact them at quibblette@yahoo.com

I started developing Soil That Binds Us when I was 17 as a fun way to pass time with friends by making characters. Eventually I started writing it, and I finally began drawing it when I was 19. The entire story is already written out, word by word! its all a matter of pushing out the art now. It's an extremely personal story to me about empathy, the power of fear, and emotional vulnerability.

NIGHTPOOL helped me code this!! they're wonderful!!!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!

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